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Mercury - Ascendant Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

A planet in conjunction to the Ascendant always takes on powerful proportions in the native’s life and personality. A distinction is made between planets in the twelfth house in conjunction to the Ascendant, and planets in the first house in conjunction to the Ascendant. When found in the first house, that planet feels free to express itself. When behind the Ascendant in the twelfth house, that planet is just as powerful, but it has problems expressing itself in a direct and uninhibited manner.
Mercury conjunct the Ascendant
Those with Mercury conjunct the Ascendant come across as youthful, active, and busy. They are usually ready to chat, although if Mercury is in the twelfth house they may need some encouragement at first. These natives can be quite fidgety and restless, and often move quickly. Their faces are quite expressive and there is a twinkle in the eye. Their expressiveness is not as warm as that of Moon-Ascendant people. Instead, it has a distinctly mischievous quality.
Others get a distinct first impression from a person with Mercury conjunct the Ascendant of a curious, youthful, intelligent, mischievous, or nervous individual. Writing and/or speaking figures strongly in their lives, although listening skills may not be as well developed. They are typically very forthcoming with information about themselves. They might identify strongly with their intelligence or ability to make connections with others. They are at ease with almost anyone, and easily put others at ease. Always curious, they pick up a lot from their immediate environment–sometimes too much.
These are “busy bees” who are insatiably curious. They love to relate personal stories. Their charm is of a youthful, mischievous, and lively kind. They thrive on change, social contact, and communication. Some are noticeably nervous.

Some Famous People with Mercury conjunct the Ascendant: Loni Anderson (Mercury in Virgo conjunct the Ascendant from the first house); Ed Asner (Mercury in Scorpio conjunct the Ascendant from the first house); Alexander Graham Bell (Mercury in Pisces conjunct the Ascendant from the twelfth house); Johanne Brahms (Mercury in Aries conjunct the Ascendant from the first house, also conjunct Jupiter); Jamie Lee Curtis (Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct the Ascendant from the twelfth house); T.S. Eliot (Mercury in Libra conjunct the Ascendant from the first house); Alex Haley (Mercury in Leo conjunct the Ascendant from the first house); Matt LeBlanc (Mercury in Cancer conjunct the Ascendant from the twelfth house); Paul Newman (Mercury in Capricorn conjunct the Ascendant from the first house – also conjunct Venus); John Ritter (Mercury in Libra conjunct the Ascendant from the first house); Ted Turner (Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct the Ascendant from the first house).
Mercury square the Ascendant
Without intending to, you often express yourself in such a way that people misunderstand your meaning or are offended. You may use flattery to win people over, but they can usually detect your insincerity if you choose that route! As your own worst critic, you may continually compare your accomplishments to those of your peers.
You must learn to relax and be yourself when you meet new friends and lovers. You project so much nervous energy that this is sometimes all a person sees when they meet you. You send out body language that at times directly conflicts with your verbal message. Ask your partner to pay more attention to your words until you improve your communication skills to bring your verbal and nonverbal messages into agreement. Avoid talking about your problems with your partner to just anyone. This could cause serious damage to your relationship, even if you mean no harm. — From our LoveStyles report.
Mercury sextile or trine the Ascendant
Even if other positions in your natal chart suggest otherwise, this aspect aids you in communicating and getting your point made to others. Your wit is sharp and your curiosity is intense. Others find you to be a stimulating conversationalist, and your optimism and enthusiasm can become contagious. Your chances of realizing your goals in life are quite good because you won’t accept defeat. If you are knocked down a rung or two, you will get right back up and try again. Whether you win or lose, you learn something from everything you experience in life. You are well read and therefore can speak with authority on many subjects. In your dealings with others, you generally approach situations from an intellectual rather than emotional perspective. With your talent for detached observation and your way with words, you could also be an excellent writer.

In your love life, you have a natural talent for communicating your needs and desires to your partner, and your gestures and facial expressions sometimes tell more than your words. You can help your partner to communicate more freely with you so that tensions and frustrations between you can be expressed without being allowed to build up. You are a never-ending source of new and clever ideas. You are a master at combining verbal language with subtle body signs to further convey your meaning. It may take your partner a while to learn to read your subtlest communications, but once you are familiar with each other you will be able to communicate very well, even without words. You are attracted to others primarily through their minds; if they measure up intellectually, then you get to know the rest of them. — From our LoveStyles report.
The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Mercury and the Ascendant have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.
Mercury quincunx (inconjunct) the Ascendant
You may have difficulty communicating with others at times because they (or you!) often misinterpret who you are. You are very practical and sensible, and you are disappointed when others don’t give you the credit you deserve. You have a nervous nature, which can lead to a tendency for disorder and confusion around you.
You love to talk and can sometimes talk too much, especially with your close friends and lovers. You’ll make a better impression if you thoroughly think through what you want to say before opening your mouth. This way you can avoid contradicting yourself or becoming redundant. You need a partner whose mind is as active as yours, and who doesn’t misinterpret your energetic mind for flightiness.

Mercury opposition the Ascendant
Communication is very important to you, and your mind is sharper and more creative when you have a partner you can bounce your thoughts and ideas off of. You are an excellent conversationalist and can fascinate your partners with your sharp mind. You love to debate issues just for the mental exercise, even if you don’t feel strongly about the position you argue! You play devil’s advocate often, and your ideal partner understands that your debates are, in fact, mental exercises–certainly not attacks! You are also prone to exaggerate or stretch the truth when trying to make your point, especially when it comes to your own background or experience.
In your close relationships, your partner serves as a mirror, reflecting your thoughts and ideas back to you from a different perspective. You are rather independent and will not allow anyone to restrict your freedom, but you love to talk things out before arriving at a decision. Truth is, you won’t always take others’ advice! However, you do enjoy looking at problems from all sorts of different perspectives. You may choose partners who are considerably younger than you, or who are not as academically smart as you. In some cases, this position indicates partners who are tricky, mischievous, or two-faced. Conversations with you are always stimulating and lively. The ability to share your thoughts with a partner is vital to your sense of fulfillment in a close personal relationship.
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