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Moon - Saturn Aspects

Interpretations of planetary aspects relevant to Natal Charts.

Moon conjunct Saturn
There is a marked cautiousness and defensiveness to people with a Moon-Saturn conjunction in their natal charts, and it’s really a self-protective thing, as they are very sensitive. Their disciplined emotional nature may sometimes be mistaken for coldness. Certainly, they tend to adopt a practical, business-like approach to the world of emotion. However, they are very sensitive and fear rejection. Some adopt a very cool exterior, leading others to believe that they don’t need nurture and love, simply because they are reticent about expressing their need for these basics of life. There is a large possibility for a self-fulfilling prophecy in this respect if they are not careful. Holding people at arm’s length seems to be their instinctive response, and it can be hard for others to extend their own hand.
The emotional reserve and ability to detach themselves emotionally can certainly help these people to succeed on a professional level. Others sense their practicality and responsibility.
People with a Moon-Saturn conjunction sometimes take life (and themselves!) too seriously. Throughout their lives, they may find that they relate more easily to persons who are older than them, especially in their youth. If they are not careful, they could develop a pessimistic view of life at times, feeling that they are fated to suffer emotionally. At all costs, this defeatist attitude should be avoided, as we often get what we expect from life! Some may be attracted to relationships that include some hardship or adversity, and may even tend to “come alive” when they are required to overcome challenges. They need to try to avoid feeling guilty about “indulging” in emotional pleasure. Fear can keep them from fulfilling experiences. When they let themselves receive nurture or care from others, an inner voice cautions them that it might not be sincere, long lasting, or enough! It may sometimes seem easier to withdraw rather than take an emotional risk in life, or rather than let others become too intimated with them.
Usually, these people grow out of a somewhat awkward childhood and become quite poised in their manner as adults. There is something very trustworthy in the aura about them. Some are quite hilarious, generally possessing a sarcastic sense of humor. They are more able than most to keep their cool.

Some Famous People with Moon conjunct Saturn: Ray Davies, Sheena Easton, Joan Crawford, Ted Danson, David Bowie, Loni Anderson, James Arness, Chris Evert, Bob Dylan, Hermann Hesse, Jon Voight, Mata Hari, Gwyneth Paltrow, Conan O’Brien.
Moon square or opposition Saturn
When Moon is in hard aspect to Saturn in the natal chart, natives need to learn to trust others more. Fear keeps them from fully enjoying personal relationships, and fear is behind the occasional rigidity that they express. When they let themselves receive nurture or care from others, an inner voice cautions them that it might not be sincere, long-lasting, or enough! There can be some reluctance about becoming a parent, but once taken on, these people don’t take their responsibility lightly.
Emotional reticence is the main theme of these aspects. Many people with this aspect had a lot of conditions placed on the love they received in early childhood. They tend to expect the same later in life. With hard Saturn aspects, individuals are often plagued with doubts, not only about the self but about what to expect from life itself. The problem is that expecting difficulties or negative situations creates an aura around them that perpetuates the problem. They must work hard at positive thinking and expecting more from life. Ironically, many people with hard Saturn aspects can be quite sarcastic, skeptical, and rigid in manner. This is essentially a defense mechanism designed to protect themselves from harshness in the world.
It is extremely likely that they feel neglected because they perceive it in the first place, and later expect it, to be the case. There’s a vicious circle going on here that can only be broken when the patterns created by negative conditioning are broken. Adjusting one’s perceptions and expectations is the key to breaking out of these negative patterns. Otherwise, natives of hard Moon-Saturn aspects will live life feeling left out–attracting circumstances that perpetuate a feeling of deep unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Some Famous People with the Moon in Hard Aspect to Saturn: Squares – Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks, Don Ameche, Winona Ryder, Ivana Trump; Oppositions – Bjorn Borg, Harry Chapin, e.e. cummings, Erich Segal.
Moon sextile or trine Saturn
It’s quite natural and easy for you to keep your cool during times of stress or emotional upheaval. You are able to employ common sense when others around you may be expressing fear or impatience, and you are generally respected for this ability. Your instincts are towards caution, responsibility, and moderation. Your habits are simple and moderate as well, and this comes so naturally to you that you may have trouble understanding others who are less orderly, disciplined, and grounded.
Moon trine Saturn: You do what seems right to you regardless of what others think. But what others think gets factored into your overall reality assessment which in turn determines what you do. You are accomplished, dutiful and disciplined in your daily habits. This leads to self-sacrifice without any great fanfare. You are talented but self-satisfied and content which keeps you aiming at the center of the road. This conservatism protects you from extremes of action so you may not accomplish much but you are always sufficiently productive to get rewarded for your efforts. — Interpretation sample from the In Depth Profile Report.
The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Moon and Saturn have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.

Some Famous People with Moon in Harmonious Aspect to Saturn: Sextiles – Harry Belafonte, Willem Dafoe, Bob Geldof, Yoko Ono, Mark Hamill, Oscar Wilde; Trines – Nicolas Cage, Warren Beatty, Sally Field, Bjork, Prince Charles, Barbara De Angelis, Peter Gabriel.
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