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Moon – North Node Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Moon your chart forms an aspect to another person’s North Node or South Node.
When your Moon conjuncts your partner’s North Node, you will be deeply affected by your relationship. Neither of you will forget each other, as this relationship is meaningful on a deep level to you both. There are life-size themes of nurturing and safety in this relationship. The Moon person expresses qualities that the North Node person, on a subconscious level, needs to develop in order to grow spiritually. The attraction can be intense, and the relationship itself will be a distinctly emotional connection. Issues of security, taking care of each other, and protection are dominant ones in this partnership. There is an instant bond between the two of you, almost as if this relationship feels “meant to be”. The ties are strong, and the bond is hard to break. If you do part, both of you will feel attached to the memory of the relationship and the person, and if you were to meet again, you would not feel any distance between you. There is an instant attraction and sympathy between you. If there is discomfort in the relationship, it will likely come from the North Node person, as there is a sense of fatedness involved here. The Moon person may feel that he or she gives more emotionally than the North Node person at times, but will generally be comfortable with this role.
When your Moon conjuncts your partner’s South Node, the attraction is instant. You immediately feel safe, secure, and comfortable in each other’s presence. Intuitively, you sense similarity in each other’s emotional reactions to the world, and in your mutual needs for security. At some point in time, the South Node person may get a sense that the Moon person is holding him or her back in some way. There is much safety and comfort in the relationship, and the emotional bond is tremendous, but the bond doesn’t carry with it a sense of moving forward. In fact, you may tend to cocoon yourselves and fall back on familiar routines rather than take on new adventures together. You may have such an effect on each other as to exaggerate each other’s mood swings and desire for safety. If anyone of the two “outgrows” the relationship, it will more than likely be the South Node person. However, the attachment is great and there will be a feeling of emotional indebtedness to each other, particularly on the part of the South Node person. There is a great deal of sympathy between the two of you, and these feelings come naturally.
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