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Saturn – North Node Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When Saturn in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s North Node or South Node.
When your Saturn conjuncts your partner’s North Node, the Saturn person plays the role of teacher in your life in some manner. You have a lot to learn from the Saturn person, who seems to be mature or who challenges you to take on your responsibilities. The relationship may or may not endure, depending on other aspects between your charts.
When your Saturn conjuncts your partner’s South Node, this relationship can quickly become serious, and as such, may not get off the ground. If there are other strong ties indicated in your synastry and the relationship develops further, the bond can be very strong and at times quite weighty. While there can be a strong tie between the two of you, there can be a sense that you hold each other back from important life lessons. You do, however, feel a lot of responsibility towards one another, which can bond you for some time.
Trines and sextiles (harmonious or flowing aspects) between Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon in synastry can help strengthen the ties between the two individuals. There can be a sense of responsibility to one another and a serious energy in the relationship even with the flowing aspects, but you generally feel that you support one another’s growth.

Squares can be more difficult and are similar to the conjunction with the South Node, interpreted above.
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