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Sun – Jupiter Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Sun in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Jupiter.
When your Sun conjuncts your partner’s Jupiter, the partnership is often viewed as a great pleasure. Your partner will ultimately give you the benefit of the doubt in most everything you do. Of course, you shouldn’t abuse that faith! It doesn’t mean that you will always be “forgiven”. What it does mean is that your partner puts a large dose of faith into you, and generally views you with warmth and good favor. You are likely to respond to your partner by pulling up the very best from inside of you. Even though difficulties can arise between you, there is generally good will between you that is distinctive. This is usually the making of a real friendship. You must guard against overindulgence, however. You may find that you encourage expansiveness in each other, which, when taken to extremes (which is often the case with this combination!), might result in overindulgence. If this configuration also includes Saturn, however, these tendencies will be somewhat muted. There is an openness between you that is unmistakable, and you are eager to please each other, drawing upon the warmest and most noble parts of your personalities to offer one another.
Sextile, Trine
Optimism and enthusiasm is generated between the two of you with your Sun sextile or trine your partner’s Jupiter. The Jupiter person always seems to give you the benefit of the doubt, and trusts your good heart at the end of the day. Your partner can help you by opening up new doors, new avenues of expression, and building your self-confidence. Even if there are more somber cross-aspects in the synastry of your relationship, this one offers truly fun moments that smooth over differences at the end of the day. Together, you can envision wonderful things, and together you can also overdo pleasurable things, simply because of the confidence stimulated between you! Making each other smile is easy with this combination, and even if the relationship were to turn and you were to separate, positive memories and mutual respect would remain.
Square, Opposition
The desire to make each other happy is apparent when your Sun squares or opposes your partner’s Jupiter. Excess is associated with Jupiter, however, and if it exists, it does stem from good intentions. If either of you over-indulges the other, it is because you both have a deep need to make one another happy. The Jupiter person has the power to lift the Sun person’s spirits up, which is a powerful, natural, and positive “drug”. At times, you expect a little too much of each other and of your partnership. Together, you may overspend and overdo, and the focus may be on pampering each other and perhaps overlooking some of the nitty-gritty details of existence. Even if you are moderate people individually, you may be inclined to overdo things a little with each other, because of your chemistry.

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