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Sun – Pluto Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Sun in your chart forms an aspect to another person’s Pluto.
No matter what, this relationship has a powerful impact on both of your lives. You find your partner utterly fascinating, intriguing, and even mesmerizing. You are drawn to the Pluto person in a way that can be hard to verbalize. After meeting him or her, you feel like a fish out of water if that person is not around! The fascination is mutual, in fact, although your partner tends to have the “upper hand”, so to speak, when it comes to the ultimate fate of the relationship. Why? Because you feel intensely expressive and unique—special, if you will—as a direct result of the Pluto person’s attention, and he or she may feel the need to control that expression as the relationship passes the initial stages (which is likely to have been characterized by intense mutual attraction). Your partner can sometimes feel threatened by your displays of independence, ego, pride, and autonomy. He or she has an extraordinary window into your soul, and can easily see both your strengths and vulnerabilities. What your partner does with this privileged perception is the question. He or she can certainly help you grow, but there can be a temptation to subtly undermine your confidence if your partner would rather keep you dependent.
Because the nature of your relationship is deep, and because your connection to each other may seem other-worldly and hard to define, there can be downright explosive moments in your relationship. You may feel thrown off-balance now and again, fearing the loss of your partner, while he or she needs to take extra care to avoid trying to control the direction of your life. You draw out each other’s dark sides, and there can frequently be battles of will between the two of you. There is a compulsive quality to your partnership that can be unnerving at times, and exhausting as well. Your connection certainly runs deep, and the very nature of your relationship makes it an especially significant one.
This interpretation is most apparent when the cross-aspect is a conjunction. With the sextile or trine, you might find that the expression is easier and less dramatic. With the square or opposition, challenges (and drama!) are more likely.

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