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Sun – Venus Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When the Sun in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s Venus
Conjunctions, sextiles, and trines between the Sun and Venus are helpful aspects in any relationship. They create a sense of harmony and offer some common interests to the partnership. The Sun person feels more loving and beautiful in the presence of the Venus person. The Venus person finds the Sun person quite charming and intriguing. The Venus person admires the Sun person in such a way that he or she is willing to, and happy to, please the Sun. There is a mutual attraction here that, on its own, is not as insistent or sexual as other indicators (such as Venus-Mars or Venus-Pluto), but it is pleasing and supportive. Acceptance and tolerance characterize the partnership. Perhaps the most apt keyword for this combination is contentment. On a financial level, unless debilitated, this combination suggests some financial “luck” as a couple, or at the very least an overall agreement on how to spend and save money.
In particular, the conjunction suggests that the individuals find much to like in each other. Little qualities in each other that might seem commonplace to other people take on grander, more romantic, and valuable proportions in both Venus and the Sun’s eyes. It is easy for the Sun person to draw out affection and tolerance from the Venus person, unless either planet is seriously debilitated natally. The sextile is not as powerful or obvious a connection, but it generates a feeling of mutual respect. The people see value in one another–they’re most certainly worth each other’s time! The trine is probably the most fortunate of aspects between the Sun and Venus in synastry. The individuals truly value each other. The only potential pitfall with the trine is complacency and lack of challenge, although it is more than likely that there are challenges elsewhere in the comparison, and in most cases this interaspect helps support the relationship.
Note that the idealizing characteristic of Sun-Venus connections is more natural and based on reality than those attractions that involve Neptune.

The more difficult aspects (opposition, square, and quincunx) can point to some problems and discord. The value system of the Venus native in this case is at odds with the Sun native’s general outlook and life path. Each person tends to over-indulge the other at times, and frustrate one another the next day. Finding the Sun too dictatorial or self-righteous at times, the Venus person can resort to “playing games”, passive-aggressiveness, appeasement, or charming the Sun into doing what he or she wants. The Venus person might also resent the Sun person, as Venus goes out of his/her way to please the Sun person and may not get what he/she wants in return. The Sun person may not appreciate the Venus person, or take Venus for granted. The square, in particular, can be challenging. The give and take of the relationship is tallied up, as Venus in particular wants to make things “fair” and balanced. As a result, when one person gives, the other senses that they are now obligated to give something in return. Depending on the natures of the individuals involved, this can be draining or stimulating! If the couple share resources, arguments over spending habits or where the money goes are likely. If the couple separates, and other rather challenging interaspects exist, things could get ugly, with love turning quite easily to hate. Probably the most frustrating problems with the square is that the relationship seems to promise a lot at the outset, but then frequently falls short of the individuals’ expectations.
Note that the opposition is less problematic in a love connection, as there comes with it a bit of a “chase” and an unspoken promise of something pleasing.
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