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Venus - North South Node Intra-Aspects

Interpretations of planetary intra-aspects relevant to Synastry.

When Venus in one chart forms an aspect to another person’s North Node.
Venus conjunct, sextile, or trine other person’s North Node
This pairing is a strong indication of a binding tie between you. You are likely to find it easy to cooperate with one another, perhaps even combining your talents successfully. A major focus of this relationship is romantic love, and in all likelihood the feelings for one another were instant. There is a true feeling of enjoyment and pleasure with one another.
Venus conjunct other person’s South Node (opposite other person’s North Node), or square the other person’s Nodes
A feeling of instant affection is likely between the two of you. A powerful feeling of needing to be with one another is present, although over time, difficulties and challenges arise that could pull you apart. There may be a time when one or both of you feels that they have “outgrown” the relationship in some way, or that the other person is holding them back–and this is generally felt by the Node person. The Venus person might also feel that they put most of the effort into the relationship. This combination is sometimes considered an aspect of star-crossed lovers.
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