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About Aquarius, the Water Bearer

Traits, qualities & all about Aquarius, the 11th Sun Sign.

Aquarius is the sign of the inventor, the seeker of truth.
Every year, the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius on or around 21 January, and transits through it till around 18 February. Individuals born during this period are known as "Natives of Aquarius", or "Sun in Aquarius", or "Aquarians", or simply "Aquarius".
These natives are typically humanitarian, impersonal and philanthropic. They love freedom of movement, thought and life. They are independent, love to travel, and are enthralled by anything new or new-age. They tend to disassociate from the crowd, or beaten tracks. However, their unconventional mindset and rebellious nature make them unpredictable, and somewhat detached. They are friendly and social people, but are not known to easily change their minds or opinions.
Aquarius is a fixed air sign, that is ruled by Uranus.

Symbol: The Water Bearer
Water is a cleanser, and washes away the past to makes room for a fresh new beginning. Water is eternally a provider of life and food to the world. Aquarius natives have an unconventional mindset which is forward-looking and growth oriented. The glyph (or symbol) for Aquarius depicts water (from the water bearer's vessel), as a symbol for open-ended spiritual energy to portray Aquarians' impersonal and philanthropic nature. The symbol denotes the waters of life, the beneficence of fresh water to nurture mankind on earth - much like the Aquarius nature to dispense their knowledge, with a vision of equality and freedom - for one and all.
The Generic Aquarius Backdrop: Personality Traits and Other Notes
An Aquarian is nothing, if not independent ... rebelliously independent! Nothing can make them go with the crowd, or follow beaten tracks. With advancement and progress on their minds, they do not have much reverance for old, outdated ways of thinking or doing things. They are rebellious towards traditional ways, and tend to liberate themselves from personal and social conditioning.
They are enthralled by everything new and new age. Although they are attracted to change, they are usually very stubborn - they have fixed opinions, and their idealism runs strong. Aquarians are modern, independent, and freedom loving. Aquarius is a sign of inventors, discoverers, and adventurers - and any attempt to box them, or restrict them, is very likely to fail. They are curious, observant, tolerant in a broad sense, and have a keen eye to view "behind the scene" things.
Most Aquarians have a mission or a larger cause on their minds - they stand for humanity, and support humanitarian causes. Even those Aquarians who are not directly engaged with a social cause, usually find themselves attached to a charitable cause. Equality and fairness are certainly their buzzwords, and they are very offended by prejudice and bias. They maintain cordial relationships with people of all walks of life, and treat them as equals. For this reason, Aquarians sometimes appear as quirky and "different", but it is only for the greater good.

They are generous and compassionate, but also practical. Aquarians are a bit of reformers. Although they are always ready to help, and never forget to return a favor - they would rather encourage with genuine, unbiased advice. They value progress and frankness, and always encourage others to be open and forthright. Their optimism is practically contagious. On the other hand, Aquarians are clever, witty, and intellectual - and it is very difficult to throw them for a loop. They have an uncanny knack of detecting superficiality - and are easily able to see through deception and betrayal.
Aquarians usually come across as a bit aloof, even standoffish. Truth is, they are visionaries - and they need space, as much as they value their personal freedom.
They have an amiable and cheery disposition, and usually well liked. Aquarians are blessed with plenty of social charm, and often percieved as pretty attractive by the opposite sex. However, they usually lack the depth required to strike and cultivate relationships. This is the reason, that they have a lot of acquaintances, but very few close friends. In relationships, they are encouraging and often ready to "go to the frontier" for their loved ones. But again, they are never truly immersed in love, and find the whole wide world more important and vital.
Physical Appearance:
The Aquarius has a slim, tall body, with a relatively short, thick neck, and thick hair. They have an attractive nose, and lively, sparkling eyes, but a face that bears a serious expression. They have a clear and articulate voice, but sometimes can be a bit eccentric. Their smile is subtle and they tend to have dimples on their cheeks - especially when they smile. Their overall appearance is serious but content. They seem to be enjoying themselves from inside, regardless how they look from outside.
Specific Features:
House: Eleventh House, that focuses on: Friends, goals, hopes and wishes, circumstances beyond control, and love received.
Season: Winter
Element: Air
Modality: Fixed (= Stability)
Ruler: Uranus
Detriment: The Sun
Exaltation: Neptune
Fall: Pluto
Characteristics: Masculine, Humane, Scientific, Eloquent, Intuitive
Birthstone: Amethyst, Opal
Birth Colors: Electric Blue, Grey, Ultramarine Blue
Lucky Colors: Gold, Orange, Aqua
Lucky Day Saturday
Likes/Dislikes: Aquarius is a masculine sign, with an instinctive craving of: "We love ...". The Aquarius likes fun with friends, championing causes, helping others, and intellectual conversation. And, they dislike limitations, being lonely, broken promises, and anything ordinary. Professionally, they are happiest as/in astrologer, high technologies, scientist, astronaut, psychiatrist, actor, electrician ...

The best gift for an Aquarian is something mystical, or arts related.
Qualities: Leadership skills, truthful, scientific, sincere, earnest, humane, cooperative, unbiased, inventive, philosophical, intuitive, pleasant, considerate, progressive.
Negativities: Gullible, extremist, inconsistent, detached, cold, stubborn, unpredictable, aloof.
The Aquarius is extremely independent. They usually go out of their way to help others out of tricky situations, and they would do everything possible to help others. However, they never take any help themselves - even when stuck in an impossible situation, because of their fear of depending on others. They are in a habit of getting stuck in fighting lonely battles. They need to understand that they are part of a society, and only human beings - and it is alright to take help from others at times. They also have a capacity to earn big money, but do not give much importance to money. Furthermore, getting caught in a traffic jam can really get on their nerves. They are in the habit of driving/riding an extra mile (to say the least) to avoid a busy road. They are happy, as long as they are moving!
Finishing the Aquarius Backdrop: Decanates, and Cusps
In order the further refine the above personality traits, the sign of Aquarius (as any other) is divided into 3 Decanates (also known as Decans), based on the "triplicity" of signs. The subtle differentiating alterations for each decan of Aquarius are explained below:
Aquarius First Decan: 0° - 10°
Aquarius/Aquarius Decanate (Around January 21 - January 29)

Note: Stronger influence of Uranus, the ruling planet.
Original, versatile, weird - amongst other Aquarius traits.

Aquarius magnified, these natives have enhanced Aquarius traits, and are more "Aquarius" than those in the other two Decanates. They have an original mind, and are always brimming with ideas. They usually possess multiple talents, are imaginative, adaptable and creative, and are great at "out of box" thinking.
Their versatile, unconventional mindset comes with determination. They are usually persistent in attaining their goals - and determined to overcome the obstacles in their path to success.

They are generally attractive, and tend to be happy with themselves.
However, they might come across as weirds - as they can be unpredictable, eccentric, and sometimes introverted.
Aquarius Second Decan: 10° - 20°
Aquarius/Gemini Decanate (Around January 30 - February 8)

Note: Influence of Mercury blended with Uranus, the ruling planet.
Honest, unique, logical, but also eccentric - along with other Aquarius traits.

These Aquarians, influenced by Mercury (Gemini), are great communicators, and can easily connect with others intellectually - because of their logical and witty nature. They are exceptionally good in analysing situations, and taking decisions intectually - with no emotional interference.
They are frank, truthful, and honest, and will never cheat or mislead others - come what may. They are also creative and have powerful imaginations, and usually excel in academic fields.

They derive great joy from contantly changing circumstancess, and that makes them unpredictable but unique.
They also tend to be eccentric, leading their life at a hectic pace and expecting quick results in whatever they do.
Aquarius Third Decan: 20° - 30°
Aquarius/Libra Decanate (Around February 9 - February 18)

Note: Influence of Venus blended with Uranus, the ruling planet.
Romantic, compassionate, adjustable, but also impulsive - along with other Aquarius traits.

These Aquarians, influenced by Venus (Libra), are typically romantic by nature, but do not like to show it. They have a personable and graceful disposition, and appear attractive to members of the opposite sex.
They are also compassionate, have a large heart, and have a broad view of life. That makes them adjustable by nature.

They are impulsive and unpredictable, and tend to act on their instincts - which they full trust. They are prone to acting/reacting too soon, with a complete disregard of consequences.
They usually crave for constant change and variety, and live life in the fast lane - and hardly have time for rest or recreation.
The Sun, being the most dominant of "planets", forms the core character of any individual. All the above traits and notes are based on the Sun (the Sun enter Aquarius around 21st January and stays till around 18th February - is the basis of this Zodiac sign: Aquarius) and, including the above "finishing touches" with the Decanates, provide the general "backdrop" of every Aquarius. There are, however, other planets that alter some of the core traits. For example, Venus rules matters of the heart as does Jupiter to matters of optimism and hope.
The "complete picture" for each individual can only be "portrayed" by considering the positions of the other planets, at the time of birth of the individual. For example, compatibility in relationships according to the Sun is generic, it is the position of Venus and Mars (in addition to the Sun and Moon) that will actually "show" the individual's true preferences and compatibility factors. This is what makes each individual unique, and the Natal Chart important.

However, this does imply complete deviations from Aquarius traits. Whatever alterations the other planets provide, more or less, act upon the core traits of Aquarius provided by the "backdrop" of Sun.
Lastly, if the individual is born on the cusp (2 days at the beginning and end) of Aquarius, they should note the time of birth and make sure when the Sun moved in or out of Aquarius in that particular year (of birth). The Sun-Sign Table and Transit Dates section provides an easy reference to evaluate the exact zodiac sun sign. Even if the date and time of birth is not available, a brief analysis would solve the issue:
A person born in the cusp beginning Aquarius has either very enhanced Aquarius-like traits (falls in the Aquarius/Aquarius Decanate), or is a Capricorn. Similarly, the person born in the cusp ending Aquarius is either Aquarius, or has very enhanced Pisces-like traits (falls in the Pisces/Pisces Decanate) and thus, is a Pisces.
In other words, when considering cusps of Aquarius, one should remember that no individual can have two different signs, or be a "hybrid" of two signs. There is nothing like a Aquarius with Capricorn-like traits, or Pisces-like traits. The only thing that matters is the position of the Sun. If the Sun has moved into Aquarius, then the individual is Aquarius, not Capricorn. And, if the Sun has moved into Pisces, then the individual is Pisces, not Aquarius. The first light, like that of the ring of a solar eclipse, is intense - and creates a completely new individualism, leaving behind all traits of the previous sign.
Some popular people with Sun in Aquarius:
Richard Dean Anderson (Sun and Venus in Aquarius), Jennifer Aniston (Sun and Mercury in Aquarius), Nick Carter (Sun and Mercury in Aquarius), Geena Davis, Ellen DeGeneres (Sun and Venus in Aquarius), Matt Dillon (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Aquarius), Paris Hilton (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aquarius), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aquarius), Jack Nicklaus, Tom Selleck, Jerry Springer (Sun and Mercury in Aquarius), Rob Thomas (Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Aquarius), Justin Timberlake (Sun and Mars in Aquarius), Vanna White (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aquarius), Oprah Winfrey (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aquarius), Virginia Woolf (Sun and Mercury in Aquarius).

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