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About Cancer Kids & Young Ones

Know the little ones by their Sun Sign: Cancer.

Cancer kids are boys and girls born around 23 June to 22 July.
Cancer kids are natural nurturers. They are sensitive, responsive, affectionate and kind. They tend to care, and even bring home, stray children and animals. These kids need to feel secure, and caring for others - especially for the underdogs of the neighborhood, feeds their feeling of being needed. They also feel secure with their family and home, both of which they love unconditionally. From a tender age, Cancer kids are family-oriented, most influenced by the environment at home, and are ever-ready to protect their family and home at all costs.
These children, born with Sun in Cancer, are intuitive and imaginative. They are sensitive, not just to their own, but to other's feelings and emotions, too. They usually 'pick up' what others, especially adults, are feeling. Often, they have a bad (or even good) feeling about something or someone, and may withdraw or form opinions. And since, family and home is very important to them, it is extremely important to be honest with them at all times. With age-appropriate explanations, these children are extremely understanding. They are also apt to need much love and reassurance, especially at home and from mother. If neglected, they grow fearful of rejection, and develop 'clingy' traits to feed their hunger for security. From a tender age, they need to be taught self-reliance, and their tendency to hold unto 'Mommy's apron strings' should be discouraged.
Home is where you find a Cancer kid, and they often have their own special space or private room. This becomes the fundamental determining factor of how these kids are nurtured, and would become when they grow up. They have severe mood swings, and need to be taught exercising self-discipline to ride the waves of changing moods and emotions - especially because, when they are down or depressed, they can become pretty cruel. They may also need to be taught the difference between tenacity and possessiveness, because they love to save everything, and may fear to let go of possessions or friends. At their wost, Cancer kids become selfish, secretive, and tend to hold onto past hurts. Sulking, brooding, feeling sorry for oneself, justifying wrong behavior, and all manners of self-indulgence should be discouraged from an early age.

Cancer kids love to cuddle their dolls and stuffed-animals, and toys that mimic household appliances and tools are often their favourites. They are usually multi-talented, and love music, meditation and peaceful activities. This provides them with many outlets to engage like cooking, growing things, caring for pets, and fixing whatever.
Their private space is very important for them, where they can escape from a harsh environment, and hide from the feeling of being hurt. This is a world of their own making, where they feel protected and secure, and reconcile life. When they are upset, they are likely to snap at anyone who threaten their private space, but it is important to keep communication open. They are usually also adept in emotional manipulation. They love to be held and hugged, but in assuring these kids of love and affection, one should never never give in to their whining.
Baby and Toddler Cancer
(0-5 years, approximately)

Cancer kids are sensitive nurturers. They absolutely love their home and families, and love to save everything. From birth to schooling age, here is how Cancer kids grow:
Birth - 6 months:
They are loving, sweet, and ever-hungry. They usually respond well with water, and enjoy their bathtimes. They are also shy, and resist going to anyone other than mother. They are very sensitive to environment, and may already start to develop mood swings with the phases of the moon.
6-18 months:
They are timid, cute, and cuddly. They enjoy food, but may hesitate to try something new. They are curious but shy, and need encouragement to explore new environment. They enjoy walks in the park or garden, and need lots of support, encouragement, and approval.
18 months - 3 years:
They tend to behave erratically and full of contradictions, and can be sweet, stubborn, caring, defensive - all at the same time. They continue to be shy and cautious with strangers, and may personalize events and remarks. They usually tend to become whingey or whiney, also a little clingy.
3-5 years:
They are emotional, defensive, and even volatile. They do not like ridicule, or being taken too seriously, or sense of competition - especially from parents. Parents usually have a difficult time watching these sweet and cuddly beings grow up fast. Nevertheless, they need continued reassurance, compassion, humour, and firm guidance. They also begin to develop creativity, and continue with fantasy and imaginary friends.

School-Aged Cancer Girl
(6-12 years, approximately)

Cancer girls are homely, deeply compassionate, and have a strong craving for overall peace at home. These girls have deep family bonding, especially with their mother, and a sense of loyalty to the family and home. When faced with disturbances, fights, or rejection from family, they rapidly retreat and withdraw, into their inner sanctum to heal themselves. Home, and particularly their own space, provides them security from all the turmoil of the world. It is important for them that they have a consistent family routine, consistent parental behaviours, and continuous display of feelings - especially from their mother.
These girls are slow to warm-up in new relationships, and even slower to trust anybody outside their inner circle. Cancer girls crave for one or two people, whom they can completely trust and feel that they have no risk of getting hurt from them. In social circles, they come up as shy, but extremely sweet girls, and usually pampered with affection and cuddles.
Cancer girls are emotional and known for their mood swings from a tender age. Parents need a lot of patience in understanding their sentiments, and require to spend quality time with them. They seem to withdraw frequently, especially when they reach milestones, and emerge with a whole new outlook. This process is very important for these extremely emotional girls, to evolve in personality and return to life with bigger objectives, suited to the person that they are becoming. They also tend to be intuitive and if these girls have a deep feeling about something, no amount of explanations and facts can change their standpoint. They can be very stubborn, once these Cancer girls put down an opinion. They have a distaste for any type of confrontation, and would rather patiently wait for others to agree with their standpoint - as long as it might take.
These girls think through everything down to every detail, and exhibit no impulsive behaviours. This does not restrict their creativity, and on the contrary, these girls love all forms of art - from photography to cooking to writing to dancing. This provides a range of great outlets for Cancer girls, and should be encouraged to keep a tab on their mood swings.

School-Aged Cancer Boy
(6-12 years, approximately)

Cancer boys crave for security, and look to derive them from close family members. Consistent family routine is very important for them, as is consistent display of affection. These boys are rather shy, and somewhat secretive. They take time to warm-up to people, and slow to trust people, especially outside their inner circles. They are very thoughtful, particularly in maintaining peace in the family. If there is insecurity, distrust, or fights in the family, these boys get very sad and usually retreat until the chaos stops, only to emerge with caution even when they do. These boys require continuous reassurance, and quality time so that they do not feel rejected.
They have an intense sense of loyalty to the family, and are usually happy to be home. These boys need their own peaceful and comfortable space, and have strong bonds with the family - especially with their mother. They are generally peaceful and avoid confrontation. They would rather withdraw and sit out the storm, but may actually fight they feel threatened, or feel that their family is in danger.
Personal possessions are very important for them. These boys are not possessive or greedy, but they have specific taste. They usually need to be taken for shopping to select their own things. They also gravitate to people and situations that are deemed safe and peaceful, and towards people who show a positive interest in their family. Due to this vulnerability, parents should guide these boys in choosing the right kind of friends.
Cancer boys are ruled by their emotions, and usually intuitive. When they feel something deeply, they would not heed for facts. They are smart and compassionate, but their changeability makes it difficult for even astute parents to understand them. More often than not, they would withdraw - only to emerge with a changed outlook, especially mood. They also tend to be stubborn in their ways and opinions, especially what they feel deeply, even when contrary to factual evidences.

Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Cancer traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Cancer behaviours.
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