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About Cancer, the Crab

Traits, qualities & all about Cancer, the 4th Sun Sign.

Cancer is the sign of the teacher, the prophet.
Every year, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer on or around 23 June, and transits through it till around 22 July. Individuals born during this period are known as "Natives of Cancer", or "Sun in Cancer", or "Cancerians", or simply "Cancer".
These natives are usually difficult to understand because of their introvert nature, and because they take time to open. They are extremely intuitive and emotional, and tend to hide their true emotions beneath their "tough" outer self. These natives possess a profound nurturing and maternal instinct, and are most comfortable indoors. They take great pleasures in the comforts of their home and family. However, they have extreme mood swings and are thus, often percieved as arrogant and impolite people who are not sensitive to other's feelings.
Cancer is a cardinal water sign, that is ruled by Moon.

Symbol: The Crab
Crab's body is covered by a shell (carapace), which it uses to protect itself from hostile element. Crabs tend to resist changes in environment or habitat. Cancer natives are sensitive and often retreat into themselves when hurt. Cancer natives are also defensive, avoid change, and have a nurturing nature. Crabs can walk or run sideways as well as front. Cancer natives tend to have mood swings, and usually blend with the environment to avoid spotlight or a big splash in life. The glyph (or symbol) for Cancer depicts the crab. Also, the "emotional" Cancer may get ruthlessly vindictive, and much like the claws of crabs, can really hurt bad. The symbol denotes possession, retention and nurturing.
The Generic Cancer Backdrop: Personality Traits and Other Notes
A Cancerian is nothing, if not emotional ... deeply emotional! Cancerians are dependable, caring souls, who are quite yeilding and soft. They are extremely sensitive and touchy, and do not appreciate others if and when they are blunt to them. They do not like to be guided or bossed around. They also have a soothing nature, and are very quick in offering help to others.
Whenever faced with a conflict or dilemma, Cancerians will quickly withdraw and retreat to the safety of its shell than confront and come clean. As a rule, they avoid direct confrontations, as much as possible. They are usually very indirect. However, this very trait (of avoiding conflicts) makes them quiet and controlled about their own feelings. They are renowned for the moodiness and mood swings - especially when the Moon is in Cancer.
Cancer is the sign of prophets, and when in the right mood - one of the more hospitable signs of the Zodiac. When hurt, they react by withdrawing or retreating. Herein lies their need for roots. Cancerians love their home, loved ones, and comforts more than anything else. They have a strong survival instinct, and are often quite reticent about sharing their inner selves with others. They are most comfortable and happy in their homes, amongst their loved ones, and caught up in reminisce. They have a wonderful memory, and relive relishable memories. They are intrigued by objects with history attached to them, like antiques, photos, souvenirs, etc.

This makes them harmonious, dedicated, and yet fixed. Cancerians resist change to an extent. They are very concerned about their safety and security in almost everything they do. They are protective about those they care about, as much as they are protective about themselves. For most Cancerians, the most noble goal lies in sheltering and providing every comfort to their loved ones.
On the surface, they might appear to lack ambition. Quite the opposite is true. They have deep and profound desires and goals, and great ambitions. At work, Cancerians take good care of their collegues and maintain friendly, family-like bonds with them. They are actually also very dominating in their ways of working, but quitely so. They are natural manipulators, and have a knack of getting things done - in their explicit ways, and make for great managers and organizers. They are blessed with presistent determination, which is one of their greatest strengths.
In relationships, Cancerians are loyal and dedicated to their loved ones - bestowing love and affection with verbal appreciation and material gifts. They are completely in love with their home and family. Cancerians, with their maternal and nurturing nature, make excellent parents. They love their children, and are proud of them - and teach them moral manners, making them as well-mannered in private as they are in public.
Physical Appearance:
The Cancer has a round face with a smallish nose, round chin and high forehead. They have deep full eyes that makes them look profound and penetrative. They have dark hair, but usually quite thin. Their height is small to average, and their expressions are soft, dreamy - and sometimes suggesting immaturity. Their overall appearance is usually subtle, reassuring and protective at the same time.
Specific Features:
House: Fourth House, that focuses on: Home, endings, property, a parent, foundation, and the latter part of life.
Season: Summer
Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal (= Activity)
Ruler: The Moon
Detriment: Saturn
Exaltation: Jupiter
Fall: Mars
Characteristics: Cold, Phlegmatic, Feminine
Birthstone: Moonstone and Pearl
Birth Colors: Blue, Puce and Silver
Lucky Colors: White, Silver, Smoky Grey, Silvery Blue and Green
Lucky Day Monday
Likes/Dislikes: Cancer is a feminine sign, with an instinctive craving of: "I feel ...". The Cancer likes family, hobbies, house and home, and parties. And, they dislike opposition, failure, being told what to do, and advice (good or bad). Professionally, they are happiest as/in catering, the hotel trade, property, antique dealer, archaeologist ...

The best gifts for a Cancer are collectibles, or an item for the home.
Qualities: Patience, tenacity, domesticity, kindness, devotion, versatility, adaptability, patriotism, sociability, maternity.
Negativities: Untruthfulness, unpredictability, sentimentality, pride, untidyness, resentment, vanity, lazyness.
The Cancer's biggest weakness is getting into monotony, and then it becomes very difficult for them to break themselves free of it. They also have a sweet tooth, and tend to overindulge in sweets, ice-cream, and desserts. This habit makes them gain too much weight, and opens them to the danger of contracting diseases. They need some self-discipline, and cut down on the amounts. On the other hand, it is good that they are very particular about saving money for emergencies - and make it a point to budget their expenses to provide for maximum savings.
Finishing the Cancer Backdrop: Decanates, and Cusps
In order the further refine the above personality traits, the sign of Cancer (as any other) is divided into 3 Decanates (also known as Decans), based on the "triplicity" of signs. The subtle differentiating alterations for each decan of Cancer are explained below:
Cancer First Decan: 0° - 10°
Cancer/Cancer Decanate (Around June 23 - July 1)

Note: Stronger influence of Moon, the ruling planet.
Creative, emotional, sensitive - amongst other Cancer traits.

Cancer magnified, these natives have enhanced Cancer traits, and are more "Cancer" than those in the other two Decanates. They are very creative, influenced by arts, and their imaginations run far and wide.
They are emotional, and have a very sensitive heart - that requires care to be taken so as to not hurt them. They have strong feelings for their family, and are really caring. A sense of security, both for themselves and their family, is of utmost importance to them. They are happiest amongst their near and dear ones.

They also possess a great sense of intuition, and are generous in nature. They derive enormous amount of self-satisfaction in helping others, in a positive way.
However, they can get too moody, and sometimes too emotional - and cannot responsibly act in matters that call for mature handling.
Cancer Second Decan: 10° - 20°
Cancer/Scorpio Decanate (Around July 2 - July 12)

Note: Influence of Mars (and Pluto) blended with Moon, the ruling planet.
Mysterious, secretive, sensitive, but also jealous - along with other Cancer traits.

These Cancerians, influenced by Mars and Pluto (Scorpio), are mysterious and secretive by nature. They also tend to be moody, and often wavering between reserved quality, and being jovial and enthusiastic. It is important for them to know that they should not become too authoritarian.
They are generous and caring, and also intense and passionate. They perform exceptionally well in careers of teaching, arts, designing, or any other creative field.

However, they are possessive and can get very jealous. Also, they are sensitive and watery.
They are also prone to going off into flights of fancy - and end up wasting their energies. They need to understand the need to be practical, and direct their energies in a positive sense.
Cancer Third Decan: 20° - 30°
Cancer/Pisces Decanate (Around July 13 - July 22)

Note: Influence of Neptune blended with Moon, the ruling planet.
Intuitive, intelligent, creative, but also dreamer - along with other Cancer traits.

These Cancerians, influenced by Neptune (Pisces), are sure to gain name and fame in their lifetime. This decan is known as the "Great Benefic" for the gifts it offers. They are intuitive, possess great creativity, and are blessed with a great deal of intelligence - and are likely to make the best of the gifts of the decan.
They stand to gain the most through education and travel.

They are also emotional - and tend to be melancholy and negative at times. They are often unable to take mature decisions - and end up imposing hardships on themselves, particularly on the personal or emotional fronts.
They are also dreamers and often refuse to see the practical (and even brighter) side of life.
The Sun, being the most dominant of "planets", forms the core character of any individual. All the above traits and notes are based on the Sun (the Sun enter Cancer around 23rd June and stays till around 22nd July - is the basis of this Zodiac sign: Cancer) and, including the above "finishing touches" with the Decanates, provide the general "backdrop" of every Cancer. There are, however, other planets that alter some of the core traits. For example, Venus rules matters of the heart as does Jupiter to matters of optimism and hope.
The "complete picture" for each individual can only be "portrayed" by considering the positions of the other planets, at the time of birth of the individual. For example, compatibility in relationships according to the Sun is generic, it is the position of Venus and Mars (in addition to the Sun and Moon) that will actually "show" the individual's true preferences and compatibility factors. This is what makes each individual unique, and the Natal Chart important.

However, this does imply complete deviations from Cancer traits. Whatever alterations the other planets provide, more or less, act upon the core traits of Cancer provided by the "backdrop" of Sun.
Lastly, if the individual is born on the cusp (2 days at the beginning and end) of Cancer, they should note the time of birth and make sure when the Sun moved in or out of Cancer in that particular year (of birth). The Sun-Sign Table and Transit Dates section provides an easy reference to evaluate the exact zodiac sun sign. Even if the date and time of birth is not available, a brief analysis would solve the issue:
A person born in the cusp beginning Cancer has either very enhanced Cancer-like traits (falls in the Cancer/Cancer Decanate), or is a Gemini. Similarly, the person born in the cusp ending Cancer is either Cancer, or has very enhanced Leo-like traits (falls in the Leo/Leo Decanate) and thus, is a Leo.
In other words, when considering cusps of Cancer, one should remember that no individual can have two different signs, or be a "hybrid" of two signs. There is nothing like a Cancer with Gemini-like traits, or Leo-like traits. The only thing that matters is the position of the Sun. If the Sun has moved into Cancer, then the individual is Cancer, not Gemini. And, if the Sun has moved into Leo, then the individual is Leo, not Cancer. The first light, like that of the ring of a solar eclipse, is intense - and creates a completely new individualism, leaving behind all traits of the previous sign.
Some popular people with Sun in Cancer:
Pamela Anderson, Kevin Bacon, Beck (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer), Mel Brooks, George Bush Jr., Bill Cosby, Tom Cruise, Willem Dafoe (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer), Vin Diesel (Sun and Mercury in Cancer), Harrison Ford (Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Cancer), Woody Guthrie (Sun and Moon in Cancer), Jessica Hahn, Tom Hanks, Anjelica Huston (Sun and Mars in Cancer), Ann Landers, Juliette Lewis (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer), Richard Lewis, Anne Morrow Lindbergh (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer), Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love (Sun and Moon in Cancer), Tobey Maguire, Princess Diana, Carlos Santana, Fred Savage (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer), Jimmy Smits, Sylvester Stallone, Patrick Stewart, Donald Sutherland (Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer), Montel Williams, Robin Williams (Sun and Moon in Cancer).

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