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About Pisces Kids & Young Ones

Know the little ones by their Sun Sign: Pisces.

Pisces kids are boys and girls born around 19 February to 20 March.
Pisces kids are unususally intuitive, and are mostly impressionable on a subconscious level. Almost from birth, they 'pick up' on vibrations, and absorb the atmosphere around them. These kids absorb other's feelings and assume it as their own - often getting sad or happy without reason. Observant parents usually use their 'mood' as an indicator of family or school ambience. Pisces kids often 'know' things, without being able to explain why. This also makes them natural counselors, with the ability to comfort anyone in the slightest bit of emotional or physical pain.
These children, born with Sun in Pisces, often come across as 'dreamy'. This is because they are creative and imaginative, and create a fantasy world which is safer and more comfortable for them. With so much emotions surging through them, especially because of their ability to absorb the emotions of the surroundings, it is not unusual for them to get drained or scared. They tend to frequently retreat into their fantasy world when the going gets hard.
They are masters of illusion, and are usually adept at putting on a mask to suit the occasion, or their whims. Parents need to proactively restrict their (intentional or unintentional) manipulative, sneaky or dishonest ways. Parents also need fine attunement to discern when their plaintive cries are an expression of true affliction, as opposed to when they might be putting on 'crocodile tears' to draw attention. On the other hand, their intuitive, imaginative, creative, and illusive energies can be easily directed towards their natural attraction for religious themes, music and creative arts. These outlets offer structured environments for them to retreat, rather than retreating into their fantasy world.

Furthermore, their love for fantasy and tendency to escape makes them prone to addictions and self-destructive habits that are difficult to shake in adulthood. Imbibing good habits from a tender age is important for these kids. It is as important, that they are encouraged to confront reality and conquer their fears. They are fearful of many things, from monsters in the closet to loud noises. They also tend to flit from one thing to another. They need to be taught to keep themselves grounded, to finish what they start, and overcome their temptation to escape from reality. These kids enjoy peaceful surroundings, and often benefit from meditation and music.
Pisces kids are also sensitive, responsive, affectionate and kind. They tend to look for ways to help others, often to the amount of self-sacrifice. These kids usually have a deep sense of compassion and reach out to the underdogs - be it a poor stranger, or a bird with a broken wing, or stray cats and dogs, and even enjoy voluntary works for the society. Often, these children are found to empathize so much with someone else's burden, that their tears flow freely. They also tend to feel rejected or hurt when others fail to show appreciation for their efforts, and are often taken advantage of by fair weather friends. Pisces kids, and also adults, are known to be long-suffering - taking a lot for the sake of upholding beliefs and ideals, and also exhibit an unclear individuality due to their identification with the suffering of others.
Since they seek ways to help and care for others, one of the most important lessons that these kids need is self-mastery - when to give and when to hold back, lest continual self-sacrifice lead to disappointment. These kids need to be taught to take care of themselves the way they help others, and to always affirm their self-worth. Those kids who affirm their self-worth, are more confident than other Pisces kids - usually seeking relationships on more equal footing, and less prone to be taken advantage of because of their inherent kindness.
Baby and Toddler Pisces
(0-5 years, approximately)

Pisces kids are sensitive, intuitive, creative, and born counselors. They love music and all forms of creative art. From birth to schooling age, here is how Pisces kids grow:

Birth - 6 months:
They are soft, cuddly, charming, and adaptable. They are also dreamy, and need space alone to withdraw periodically with their thoughts. They are also sensitive, and would pick up on moods and emotions around them. They are usually vulnerable, do not like to be ignored or forgotten, and need gentle handling because they frighten and startle easily. They enjoy music, and plenty of physical and verbal affection.
6-18 months:
They are sensitive, compassionate, charming, and very social. But, they fear strangers and would usually withdraw if approached. They love nature and all living things, and would enjoy being outdoors. They also love water, enjoy all sorts of water play, and tend to learn swimming early. They usually also love music - not just as a listener, but make music of their own. They need plenty of attention, affection, and touch - both constantly and consistently.
18 months - 3 years:
They have increased imagination and fantasy, and may even develop imaginary friends. Their creativity can really blossom if they are encouraged to explore their imaginary world as an outlet to explore and express. They also begin to develop intuition at this early age, and music and arts begin to become more important. They need plenty of encouragement.
3-5 years:
They are dreamy and rebellious, and seek comfort in fantasy. They are usually erratic, continually challenge 'reality', and experience mood/personality swings. They are curious, bright, and are sometimes fascinated with subjects of God and death. They are also emphatic and compassionate, and may easily get upset by cruelty or injustice.
School-Aged Pisces Girl
(6-12 years, approximately)

Pisces girls do not like dull, boring 'rituals', and when forced into routines, they would find means of changing everything to their liking. For these girls, spontaneity can be good, and yield positive results. Not everything, from home to friends, need to have a pat time and place. Making new and unique routines for them feed their mind and spirit. Even in school, these girls do not usually learn by rote, but take to highly philosophical or theoretical subject matters pretty well.
These girls have a knack for getting what they want, and are adept in learning how to use those proverbial baby blues to achieve their whims. They will effectively win over their parents with abundant charm and sweetness. Their temper tantrums may also get unbearable, especially because these girls can cry a lot - and literally cry with their entire body. Parents need some discipline in this matter, and know that there is a time to stay firm, a time to commiserate, and a time to give in.
Parents also need to pay close attention to their 'intuitive' senses. These girls have an innate ability to tap into the ebb and flow of life's tapestry, and may state something with confidence, without being able to explain - from a relative's health to a stranger's motives. From a tender age, a Pisces girl is a true seer, and should not be discouraged - especially because if she fears from her 'gift', it might be lost forever, never to return. Their ability to absorb the surrounding emotions may frighten them, and take the form of prognosticative dreams, which may frighten them even more. This unique ability might also lead to some social isolation, because they cannot abide by nasty or pretentious peers. However, they are rarely confrontational, and rather read books than fight with a foolish foe. They also tend to seek adult, mature companions for social outlet.

Pisces girls are usually tom-boyish, and they are typically not going to get all girly all the time. They tend to climb trees, and envision their tree-house or jungle adventure. Thanks to their rich imaginations, it can be easy to keep them entertained. An empty box can be a good gift, which they can effortlessly turn into a space-ship or a castle without having to use much more than a few props. Pastimes like 'make-believe' and 'dress-up' would definitely figure among their favourites.
School-Aged Pisces Boy
(6-12 years, approximately)

Pisces boys are more mature, than their years betray. They dislike conflicts, are rarely bullish, and rather turn into school yard diplomats. They do not like to be in charge, and when drawn into confrontations, they seek the company or advice of trusted adults, or make a well-considered retreat. However, this might prove to be a difficult parenting issue, because they tend to resist in returning to the same setting or place where they have had a nasty encounter.
These boys absolutely love nature, and the best activity for them can be travel. They strongly relate to the world through their senses, and not just through their eyes. From the moment they are mobile, they begin experiencing the surroundings through their senses - and their 'hands on' approach might make 'child proofing' a challenging activity for their parents. They also have rich imaginations and dreams, and are fascinated by stories of knights and dragons, spaceships and aliens. It is not unusual to catch them reading storybooks tucked inside their school books, or to find piles of storybooks, along with a flashlight, under their bed.
Pisces boys have a never ending supply of idealism and curiosity, they may continuously put forward questions to the point of exasperation for the adult. They crave for a perfect world, and may become very sad, or even cry, when they come face to face to a perceived maltreatment or injustice. These boys are extremely compassionate, and are moved by the tiniest of harm that comes to a stray bird or cat or whatever. Unlike most of their peers, it is best not to squelch their tendency to cry. It provides an outlet to release the over-flowing emotions that these boys have. Without these outbursts, a Pisces boy can become very remote and gloomy, or worse - eventually, end up exploding, and then struggling with guilt for months afterward.

They are also not likely to always communicate their frustrations verbally, and parents need to proactively monitor their behaviour to understand their underlying frustrations. These boys are usually attracted to drugs and alcohol, a tendency that provides them alternate forms of escapism. A keen parental watch also becomes a necessity for this reason. It helps to engage them in plenty of alternative activities, that keep these boys in a positive direction. Travelling also provides quality exposure tempered with their sensitivities, that can fill the Piscean mind with weeks of pleasant dreams.
Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Pisces traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Pisces behaviours.
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