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About Virgo Kids & Young Ones

Know the little ones by their Sun Sign: Virgo.

Virgo kids are boys and girls born around 23 August to 22 September.
Virgo kids are perfectionists, and great at organizing anything - from their toys to the table. They are very good with their hands, and are mostly able to fix whatever that breaks. They are also truly compassionate, and like to take care of everyone and everything. They are happy to help, and to take care of others. Nothing makes these kids happier, than to take care of sick people and animals, and usually find their calling through response and service to others, and to life. With age-appropriate tools, they are usually helpful doing real jobs in the house - often in more efficient ways.
These children, born with Sun in Virgo, can always be trusted with important tasks and responsibilities. But, with their analytical and critical minds, they can be extreme in their behavior. They seek ways to make their observations practical, and criticize themselves, as much as others. They are often too shy or scared, because they tend to be overly critical of themselves or their performance. They crave for perfection, and good is hardly ever good enough for these children. Parents need to watch out for them getting obsessed with cleaning or organizing, or avoiding interaction with other children. Parents should also ensure enough praise to counter their self-criticism. Pickiness, fault-finding and complaining should be discouraged from a tender age. With proper guidance, these kids can be great writers and communicators, and excel in management roles.
Virgo kids are acutely aware of their bodies. Even as toddlers, they can be quite uncomfortable if wet, or kept unattended. They tend to be fussy of what and when to eat and do. They also tend to focus too much on health and exercise, that can lead to compulsive exercising and hypochondriac behavior. It is important that they be taught and kept in good, balanced habits.

Virgo kids like to observe natural phenomena to discover the laws behind the manifestation. They are typically curious about nature and their physical environment, and usually show early signs of mechanical ability. They enjoy mechanical toys, especially those that can be taken apart and put back together again. They often enjoy hobbies where they must label, paste, organize and categorize such as coin and stamp-collecting. However, they tend to get too focussed with details, and can be so anxious about perceived imperfection, that they decide not to try at all. Parents should ensure that their learning phase should made pleasant, and not be forced. Most of these kids are naturally inclined to mathematics, and have an affinity for reading. Their writing and teaching skills should also be developed at a later stage.
Baby and Toddler Virgo
(0-5 years, approximately)

Virgo kids are perfectionists, responsible, analytical, and often good communicators. They are organized, and happy to help others. From birth to schooling age, here is how Virgo kids grow:
Birth - 6 months:
They are sweet, serious, undemanding, and adaptable. They respond better to routine than the unexpected, and certainly do not like surprises. They are also observant and alert, and enjoy being held and cuddled. They usually cry when in physical distress or discomfort.
6-18 months:
They are alert and curious, and take note of everything in the surrounding. They are methodical, and enjoy pulling things apart and putting them back together. They are likely to begin talking early. They usually love nature, stimulating toys, communication, and cuddles.
18 months - 3 years:
They are shy but curious, and quitely seek information - especially about health, illness, and about their own body. They constantly ask questions, and intelligently integrate the information gained. They usually begin to speak full sentences at this early age, and displays confidence in their abilities. They enjoy being helpful, especially around the home. They can be anywhere from tidy and meticulous, bordering on compulsive, to totally chaotic and disorderly.
3-5 years:
They enjoy experimentation, working out problems, and fixing things. They also enjoy trying out new ideas or solutions, and like to share these with others. They tend to become uncertain in the way to achieve what they need, and may try different tactic to achieve the purpose. They are usually modest and cautious, but may appear arrogant or over-confident. They do not like criticism or disappointment, but enjoy honest responses and being provided with choices and alternatives.
School-Aged Virgo Girl
(6-12 years, approximately)

Virgo girls are very dependable, and like consistency, stability and trustworthiness. They ooze charm and humour, and freely display love but never once does it feel forced. They sometime come across as 'old fashioned' due to their acute sense of order, tradition and convention.

Although witty and systematic, these girls are prone to delays, and hardly come to a conclusion quickly. They need to examine every facet of the choices put before them, and evaluate various sceanrios to reach a conclusion - but when they do, they often make terrific decisions.
Virgo girls also tend to become introverted, especially when processing new information and ideas. Once they set themselves on a path, they are very determined. During these moments, parents should ensure that they do not continually withdraw without breaks for fun. For these girls, reality overshadows fantasy, and it is helpful to provide them age-appropriate buffering to their quests of intense matters until they reach the age that they make sense.
School-Aged Virgo Boy
(6-12 years, approximately)

Virgo boys are fastidious and have high expectations. They have an unusual amount of maturity for their age, and bring amazing order to situations of disarray, that even adults would otherwise dread. The astute rationality that these boys display, is sometimes difficult to keep up with. In discussions and disputes, these boys consider everyone and everything in the equation, and tend to offer solutions that justify all stakeholders.
They have a lot going on intellectually, with rarely any trivial feature in their thought-process. They never forget important details, and would recount everything leading up to an event. This aptitude can sometimes prove embarrassing or frustrating, as these boys tend to outwit their parents with shear memory power.

In social circles, Virgo boys are ever-logical diplomats. These boys do not like disputes, and offer peaceful solutions instead of jumping into the fray. When they are maligned, they are smart enough to keep a distance rather than engaging in a confrontation. However, when it comes to personal conflicts, they react quite differently, and may plan a cold revenge.
With their intellect and sense of justice, these boys can become good leaders amongst their peers. However, they tend to keep to sidelines, and also become ardent sticklers - especially to traditions and conventions. They become uncomfortable or distracted if something is out of order. They may need to be taught that exceptions are part and parcel of every framework.
Note that the above observations are mere solar-scopic indicators based on generic Virgo traits and behaviours, and do not consider the other planets of an individual's Natal Chart required for real Horoscopic readings. Other planets may enhance, suppress, and even nullify certain Virgo behaviours.
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