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Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2018

Amazingly true yearly predictions for Aquarius, with detailed annual trends.

2018 Horoscope for Aquarius reveals that, among other things, Jupiter (in Scorpio) transits your 10th House of occupation and calling - until early November, after which Jupiter (in Sagittarius) transits your 11th House of friends and acquaintances - until early December 2019. Jupiter is the plentiful planet of hope and joy that boosts and blesses the respective areas, while Saturn (in Capricorn) transits your 12th House of privacy, spirituality and spheres of life that is beyond our control - until late March 2020 - when the planet of responsibilities and duties slowly but steadily makes you retreat, and step back for a greater whole.
Your Aquarius Horoscope for 2018 further affirms Uranus (the planet of ideas, change, modern technology and innovation) in Aries transits your 3rd House of communication and intellectual interests. Uranus enters Taurus, transiting your 4th House of home and family, roots and origins - from May to November, and returns in Aries to complete its cycle. Finally, it enters Taurus in March 2019 for a long haul. Furthermore, Neptune (the planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion) in Pisces transits your 2nd House of money, possessions, and values; and Pluto (the planet of self-empowerment, radical changes and transformation) in Capricorn transits your 12th House of privacy, spirituality and spheres of life that is beyond our control.
Aquarius 2018 Horoscope Overview:
Your horoscope this year, dear Aquarius, portrays a special year for career, reputation, friendship, and relationships. 2018 brings high esteem, particularly on professional or public levels. This year offers both rewards and challenges in your one-on-one relationships, while your learn a lot about partnerships, independence, and self-assertion. It is a successful year, but also fraught with change and drama. Four out of five eclipses this year impact your love life, with two of them effecting you personally. The changes occurring now are complicated, and not everyone will recognize you at times - as Uranus, your ruling planet, moves into a new sign, namely Taurus. With an increased income, this will be a slightly crazy year for you.
You must already have felt the influence of Saturn leaving your 11th House of friends and acquaintances - in December 2017, and Jupiter entering your 10th House of occupation and calling - in October 2017. Restrictions on your friendships and relationships are finally over, as you turn inwards and career-wise. The changes should be more apparent in January-February, 2018. This year, you will be balancing two opposite forces - while Saturn makes you introspective and spiritual, Jupiter makes you extrovert and completely practical. Nevertheless, you will do, or plan to do, a lot of good to the society. Your broad intellectual vision of humanity and the world around you, is likely to be at its all-time best. But, be wary of robbery, and loss or misplacing of documents, valuables and possessions.
In October 2017, Jupiter entered your career sector, 10th House of occupation and calling - making this a strong career year for you. Till November, you are bound to feel restless and adventurous on the career front, and you may be the recipient of some form of reward or recognition. Your reputation improves many times over this year. There is also possibility that a career opportunity may suddenly emerge. Those in authority tend to look on you favourably, and it is a great time for visibility - you are noticeable, and you make a real impact on others. Communications, promotion, and word of mouth are especially beneficial for you, and work in your favour. It would be wise for you to move your plans forward, with extra motivation, energy, and power - to go after what you want, without apology. But, also be wary of hurdles in June-August, when your energy may be wasted on uncertainties about where to direct your energy. Going slow and reviewing your position in these two months, rather than pushing forward, will help you restrict misdirecting your energy - as you might re-think certain goals. During this period, you are likely to realize a lot about your desires and expectations, after which your plans, or revised plans, can again be executed in full throttle.
Even so, Saturn transits your 12th House of privacy, spirituality and spheres of life that is beyond our control - till March 2020. This is an introspective period, and there can be a lot of work done behind the scenes. This transit indicates a shift in your attention to order and discipline, and puts you in a critical cycle for spiritual renovation, clean-up, and better attention to mental health. You will be challenged to take care of unfinished business, as well as to regroup, process, and heal - and to rid yourself of regrets or perceived failures and disappointments by the time Saturn ends its transit. While supporting others, or problems in your private time can be draining at times, this can be an important time for facing fears and letting go of old attachments.
Uranus, is moving out of your communications sector, and it changes sign - at a time when Mars enters your sign in mid-May. Although, the move will not complete till March 2019, you are likely to experiment with new feelings, ways of expressing yourself, and personal interests - especially from Mars to November. The new long-term theme entering your life, suggests better daily schedules and routines and more focus on your studies - but, living conditions and arrangements may be in disarray or become uncertain.
With complicated influences in your life, and there can be a lot going on inside in this introspective period - you will not refrain from putting yourself "out there" this year. A beautiful aspect between Jupiter and Neptune sticks with you until August, with a Mars-Neptune trine reinforcing it - you are in fantastic shape along the lines of practical matters, business, and financial improvement. There can be almost magical dealings with money and career growth, and the attention you receive is positive for the most of the year. The North Node in your partnership sector for most of the year suggests both rewards and challenges in your one-on-one relationships - and you will be learning a lot about partnerships, independence, and self-assertion. You will feel more responsible and competent, except in June-August - when your desires can be complicated, and you might often feel frustrated, restless, or impatient.
From November onwards, you begin one of the best periods in twelve years for connecting with like-minded people and enjoying good company. Jupiter enters a harmonious cycle in your 11th House of friends and acquaintances - that benefits your personal and social life. This 13-month transit provides you with a beneficial energy for enjoying valuable connections. This is a powerful time for establishing rewarding friendships and group associations, that gives you considerable pleasure and satisfaction.
This is an overview of what the planets have in store for you in 2018, dear Aquareans. Astrology never compels, but you can use your free will to tweak the energies of the planets to your advantage.
  • Note that Saturn is a slow-moving planet and transits through a sign for approximately 2.5 years. This means, that the challenges and/or rewards that Saturn offers are distributed over a long period, and not concentrated - as it opens our eyes and wisdom to long-term lessons, over an elongated period. Saturn is a teacher, and philosopher. Saturn transits may get tough, but never bad - and it streamlines the areas of our life that it touches, which lasts a long time. Uranus is also a slow-moving planet that transits through a sign for approximately 7 years, but Uranus is no teacher - although it does enforce change and transformation - but through innovative ideas.
  • When Jupiter transits Scorpio (October 2017 - November 2018), being committed, intense, perceptive, and passionate about what we do brings greater success in business and career. More focus on change, improvement, and passion in our promotional materials and products or services can be successful. Investing in our resourcefulness works better, particularly as we are able to employ others' talents and resources creatively and effectively. Teaming up with one or more partners whose talents and/or resources complement ours well can be beneficial.
  • When Saturn transits Capricorn (December 2017 - March 2020), we want to get the most for our money, and tend to be more economical. High-quality items are likely to be most popular, although we're also quite concerned with economics at this time. This is the time for putting more effort into doing something well. In business and career, specialized products/services and specializations work best during this period. Overall, live the truth - be who you are, be honest, be straightforward, and most importantly, be ethical - otherwise, things will most certainly fall apart. During this transit, we should take no, or very few shortcuts - as they don't work in our favour. However, we must draw boundaries - keeping personal and professional lives mostly separate, as they tend to get blurred.
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